Johannesburg: The New York of South Africa

The question: ‘Why did you come to Johannesburg?’ is the most heard question living in Joburg and being a foreigner. “You come from the Netherlands, we want to go there! Why on earth would you coming to Johannesburg? And why not Cape Town?”

The answer is always the same: Because Johannesburg is such a cool city. There is so much energy, positive developments are taking place everywhere, and there is so much to do! Have you been to this new place in …(fill in the blanks)? Continue reading

Roundabouts and four-way stops

Driving in Johannesburg can be challenging. The every day conversation at work is about how bad traffic this morning was. And seriously, traffic can get really tough here. In Amsterdam we knew that you had to leave before 7.30 in the morning to avoid traffic. But we can’t figure out such a ground rule here in Johannesburg. This is not the main point of this blog, though. This blog is not about the taxis either, although they do drive like crazy. It is about how South Africans use the roundabouts. Continue reading

The safest thing to do in Joburg

Safety is the most important thing in Johannesburg, it is even more important than a waterproof roof.”It doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion or in a township, safety is number one.” This is what I’ve heard from a man helping me to move into our new house. You can fix your roof, but you can’t change the surroundings. It is a typical view on living in Joburg, which I have found not to be true. Continue reading