Rain, rain and even more rain

It has not stopped raining for about two weeks now and they say it will keep on raining. The view from where I work is normally breathtaking (see header picture of my blog). Today, and the previous days, the view is grey:


The view today, I thought I had escaped the Dutch weather..

Normally it rains in Johannesburg in the summer, so that is not extraordinary. The difference is that it would rain at the end of the afternoon or at night, maybe an hour or two and then it stops. Now it just keeps on poring down on us.

Even the coals get wet, which means that we have regulated power cuts. Every neighbourhood is shut down for a couple of hours because the electricity companies cannot supply enough electricity due to the wet coals. It also means no cooking at home, because we have an electrical stove. Such a shame, we have to go out for diner once in a while…

Look at these images that I saw on Facebook today (and these). Isn’t that crazy?

Luckily we know this rain is going to stop sometime and the sun will warm us again. Can’t wait!

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